Military Friendly

    There is no greater honor than helping a Military Member or Veteran buy or sell home! 

    It’s easily the No. 1 reason being a military friendly real estate agent is so rewarding.

    First and foremost, let us begin by thanking you for your service to our country and for your families’ sacrifices while you did so!  Tami Price Properties, Inc. is a Veteran owned and operated real estate business in the greater San Antonio, TX area that is passionate about working with Military Members and their Families. Tami and her family have served this nation through military service for generations.  Almost all of her family has been involved in the military through various branches at some point in their lives or have spent their entire career with the military. It seems her entire life has been spent in the military to one degree or another. 

    At Tami Price Properties, Inc. we LOVE our military service members, retirees, veterans and their families! We strive is to provide them with the same high quality service relocating in and out of Joint Base San Antonio, that our active duty military members display on a daily basis. As a military brat and veteran of the Air Force, Tami Price-Ek has 42 years’ worth of experience to draw from and truly understands what it takes to make a successful PCS. Swapping stories with other veterans and active duty service members has created an immediate and lasting bond between Tami and her clients. As a veteran, she understands the challenges of military life and love the chance to share life experiences and real estate guidance with others. After all, who better to understand your needs as a military member than a fellow veteran?  Tami knows very well that it isn’t just the move itself that is so pivotal, but that there is immediate value to be found in quickly transitioning from “move” to “home.” 

    Why should you choose Tami as your Military Relocation Professional?

    Tami is extremely knowledgeable about the VA Loan program. Approximately 80% of our clientele utilized the VA Home Loan program to purchase their homes and Tami has utilized the the program multiple times to purchase personal homes. The VA home Loan program offers incredible benefits to qualifying home buyers. Eligible service members can access 100 percent financing (no down payment), no private mortgage insurance requirements, low closing costs and low interest rates. Tami knows how to structure an offer to get you the maximum benefits from the program.

    The VA has Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) provide general acceptability criteria for properties which will become the security for VA-guaranteed loans. We have closed hundreds of transactions involving VA home loans with our buyers and sellers and are experienced with the minimum property requirements for participation in this program.  Working with an agent that understands these requirements can save you time, money and STRESS! Regardless of if you are a buyer or a seller, there is nothing worse than getting under contract and finding out the home failed to meet the minimum property requirements and will not be eligible for financing under the VA Loan program. When you work with Tami Price Properties, Inc. you have the collective benefit of hundreds of transactions working hard for you.

    Tami has a strong belief in our country and a true appreciation for the men and women who protect and sacrifice everyday to keep our freedom. She is particularly passionate about helping Veterans and military families take advantage of VA benefits they have earned through military service. Assisting military members as they relocate in and out of Joint Base San Antonio is one small way in which she can give back a portion to our beloved veterans who have selflessly served for so long. Tami isn’t just interested in the real estate aspect of your relocation, but a lifetime commitment to helping you and your family grow in our community.

    Whether you are interested in buying, selling, or just have a general real estate question; we are here to support you.

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