Selling a home is a challenging, angst-filled process, and the best agents help guide their clients through every step. Even the littlest of oversights can cost sellers much more than a 1- or 2-point discount they received at the outset – if they aren’t represented by the right agent. In many cases, clients who work with discount real estate brokers leave the transaction feeling that their expectations weren’t met. This is because most discount brokerages offer limited services or lack consistency in their processes. Remember, they’re not collecting a whole lot of commissions on their sales. They do so by limiting their services and marketing, paying their agents less or rebating commissions. You see, flat-fee discount real estate brokers normally create a simple MLS listing and nothing more. As I mentioned earlier, many don’t actively market the properties or do a good job of it.

    Traditional real estate agents – like myself – do way more than put the property on the MLS. We invest time and money marketing our properties. This includes using social media, advertising, contacting previous clients and co-brokers, and more. We do serious work to actively promote sell the properties we list to earn their full fee. We provide value and can actually charge a legitimate fee for it.

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