PCS Season

    March is the start of PCS season!  Are you moving? 

    While your move may not be happening for a couple of months it is good to start preparing ahead of time. We have put together a checklist and have broken down into weeks.  Today we are going to focus on what to do 8 weeks out, or immediately after you receive your military orders. 

    8 Weeks Before Your Move

    Immediately After Receiving your PCS Orders:

    1. Schedule a meeting with a relocation specialist at your station to plan for the move. Ask them what benefits you are entitled to (this differs depending on marital status). To help the relocation manager help you obtain all the benefits to which you are entitled, advise relocation manager whether you are married, whether your spouse is a military member and provide the number of children or other family members living with you. Discuss the specifics of your move with your Transportation Office (TO).

    The following are various types if shipments to consider:
    a. Dependent travel overseas.
    b. Shipment and storage of household goods.

    c. Unaccompanied baggage.
    d. POVs
    e. Pet shipment.
    f. Movement of mobile home.
    2. Decide whether you want to make a Personally Procured Move (PPM) or let the government arrange your move. Note: PPM move reimbursements are    considered taxable income.

    3. Visit your Relocation Office and obtain information on your next duty station.

    4. If you decide to do a Personally Procured Move (PPM)
    a. Schedule a counseling session with your TO to talk specifically about your PPM.

    b. Provide your current TO with your estimated shipping weight of your household goods shipments.

    c. Get approval to do a PPM from your TO by filling out the proper paperwork. Without approval, you risk not being reimbursed.

    d. Once approved, get moving quotes from companies that specialize in military moving.

    e. Ask if you qualify for an Advanced Operating Allowance.

    f. Make sure the moving company is able to offer certified empty and full weight tickets (required for reimbursement).

    g. Reserve your move online or by phone.

    h. Visit the dispersing office to pick up your advance operating allowance (if applicable).

    i. Submit your claim within 45 days after arriving at your new duty station.

    5. Call your Finance Office for details on Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA). You are authorized up to 7 days in billeting before your departure date. Call billeting at your new base for reservations up to 30 days prior to arriving PCS. NO PETS ALLOWED.

    6. Military member is required to complete:
    a. Approved concurrent travel (overseas).
    b. Additional retainability or service commitment.
    c. Approved dependents medical and educational clearance.
    d. Request sponsor.
    e. Pet Approval information.
    f. Check DEERS enrollment at MFP.
    g. Check with TRICARE about portability.
    h. If a dependent has special medical/educational needs, they must be enrolled in the Special Needs Identification Assignment Coordination (SNIAC). Outbound assignments has the AF Form 1466 (Dependent Relocation Clearance) and letter requesting the instructional package necessary to inquire about availability of resources at the new duty location.

    7. Set up a system for keeping track of expenses related to your move. (You will need a record for tax-deduction purposes, if you itemize. Remember, only non-reimbursed expenses are tax-deductible.)

    8. Inventory your possessions and estimate their value in writing. Decide what things you want to leave behind.

    9. Compile Home File for each family member:
    a. Birth Certificate (original).
    b. Immunization records. Ensure immunizations are current.
    c. Social Security Number.
    d. Passport (if needed).
    e. ID card for everyone 10 years or older, and Child ID file. Renew ID if necessary.
    f. Adoption papers.


    10. If you rent, notify your landlord or rental agent about the move. If the lease contains a military clause, this notification must be made in writing.

    11. If you live on base call the Housing Office to give notice of intent to terminate military family housing. Make arrangements for pre-inspection and final inspection of quarters. Housing allowance will not start until final termination of quarters.

    12. Call Tami Price Properties, Inc. to begin the process of selling your home

    13. If you are planning to live on base at your new station, you must provide the Housing Office with 3 copies of your orders and complete any advanced application for housing. Your application date will be the first day of the month prior to the month you arriving at your new base.

    14. Request a sponsor at the new station and make contact with them when one is assigned to you. If you do not hear back from your sponsor, have your present commander write directly to your gaining commander on your behalf.

    15. Inventory all your household items by room, garage, closet, etc. Estimate the value of your household items for insurance purposes. A videotape of the contents of each room can be particularly useful in creating an indisputable visual record. Record all serial numbers.

    16. Decide what will be moved, what should be stored and what should be sold at a garage or yard sale. All unsold items can be donated to charity.

    17. Organize your family records in a Travel Records Kit. Your kit should contain:
    a. Travelers checks
    b. PCS orders (multiple copies)
    c. Insurance policies (vehicle, life, health, umbrella liability)
    d. Marriage or divorce papers
    e. Pet immunization records
    f. Copy of wills, serial numbers (of valuable electronic equipment)
    g. Children’s medical, dental, optical records
    h. Financial and investment records
    i. Charge and credit card account information
    j. Truck rental agreement (if PPM)
    k. Bank account, credit card, credit line account numbers
    l. School transcripts and referring letters
    m. Car registration(s)
    n. Last Leave and Earning Statement for yourself and spouse.
    o. Power of Attorney (Check expiration date). Contact Legal Office to assist with POA, if necessary
    p. State and Federal tax records.
    q. Deeds or mortgages.
    r. Professional licenses, résumés, certificates and transcripts.

    18. Complete all scheduled dental and optical work and exams. Obtain a copy of your medical, dental and optical records and put them in your Travel Records Kit or have them forwarded to the new duty station.

    19. Update expired passports or those that will expire while you are stationed overseas.

    20. Make sure that you and your family (if applicable) have current ID cards. Renew your Military ID if the expiration date is approaching.

    21. Create a PCS moving file to track expenses and hold receipts and important documents.

    22. Visit the website of your new duty station – find helpful information about what’s available on base.
    23. Save your spouse notify his/her employer about the move.

    24. Schedule a house-hunting trip. Commanders may permit up to 8 days permissive TDY (no travel expenses). If going overseas, check with the Finance Office.

    25. Begin searching for a new home in your new location, or contact the housing office at your new duty station. Let Tami Price Properties, Inc. help you locate a reputable agent to work with in your new location to find your next home.

    26. Start looking at child care options and schools in the new area.

    27. If you are going on a remote tour, you need to decide where the family will reside until the sponsor returns. Family members can now move into Military Family Housing either at the home base or follow-on assignment location while the military member is gone on an unaccompanied tour.


    We hope that you find this information to be helpful as you start planning your upcoming PCS. If you have anything to add to the list, we would be happy to hear your feedback!

    Access our entire PCS Checklist here

    Will you need assistance find a place to call home at your new duty station? Give us a shout and we will be happy to help!

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